New AG International issue – June/July 2023

June 23, 2023

In this issue, we have an interview with Rovensa Next, we learn about TFI certification for biostimulants, an EBIC white paper, and a country focus on Colombia, and more.

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Here are the main features and news items.


Next Generation
In February a new corporate entity came into being – Rovensa Next. New AG International’s exclusive interview with José Alfredo García, chief operating officer of Rovensa Next.

U.S. reintroduces Plant Biostimulant Act
On March 15, United States representatives reintroduced the Plant Biostimulant Act to create a uniform process for approving commercial plant biostimulant use and require more federal research on the technology’s benefits for soil health.

TFI introduces certification plan for biostimulants
The Fertilizer Institute is introducing a certification scheme for biostimulants in the U.S., which will be launched June 27 at its InfoAg conference.

EBIC releases white paper on seaweed-based plant biostimulants
The European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) has been working over recent years to clarify the misconception that seaweed-based plant biostimulants have modes of actions and biostimulant effects arising from their content of plant hormones. Earlier this year, EBIC released a white paper that clarifies the issue, and in an exclusive Q&A, answers some questions to that effect.

Biostimulant News
Yara to build global plant for biostimulants, specialty fertilizers / Colruyt Group, The Seaweed Company collaborate / ADAMA acquires remaining biostimulants business in Chile / Rovensa Next’s Biimore receives additional crops approval /


Improving food security through biocontrol
Virginia Tech program supports biocontrol of the destructive fall armyworm in Nepal and Bangladesh

Improving biocontrol in wine grapes
Research has shown that releasing natural enemies by drone, paired with an insect attractant, may improve control of spider mites and grape mealybugs in wine grape vineyards.

Biotalys and Syngenta look to break new ground on bioinsecticides
The companies are collaborating to research, develop and bring new products to the market. Patrice Sellès, chief executive officer at Biotalys and Luc Maertens, chief operating officer, talk about the collaboration and provide an update on the company’s first product, Evoca.

STK continues to set pace with hybrid plant protection products
New AG International spoke with STK’s Global VP Sales Yair Nativ, and Dr. Eric Tedford, Field R&D Manager from Summit Agro, the exclusive distributor for STK in the U.S. to find out more about STK’s newly launched Yarden product.

Biocontrol News
Targeting desert locusts with biopesticide via drone / Biocontrol based on locust body temperature and behaviour / Microneedle-based ‘drug delivery’ technique for plants / USask (Canada) opens insect research facility / Nutrition Technologies launches biofertilizer from insect frass / Understanding crop pest evolution may boost biocontrol / Plant Products opens expanded facility


The aerial ATV
By autumn 2023, 100 farmer-customers in the U.S. will explore uses for their new RYSE RECONs. A special report from Treena Hein.

U.S. researchers develop predictive technology to dial in precision agriculture approaches
Researchers have developed a program that can generate planting and management recommendations for growers based on weather and economic variables and which can be tailored to the producer’s specific growing sites.

Precision Agriculture News
Guardian Agriculture’s eVTOL authorized to operate in U.S. / Researchers develop robot for synecoculture farming / A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light / Novel ‘registration’ method identifies plant traits in close-up photos


Sackett-Waconia: 125 years and going strong
Sackett-Waconia is a diversified manufacturer of equipment for the fertilizer industry. Founded in 1897, the company offers high-quality systems in a wide range of solutions, from production plants to terminals and warehouses, and retail/wholesale bulk blending plants. New AG International reached out to Kelvin Feist, director of sales and marketing to learn more.


Fluid dynamics
The global water-soluble fertilizer market has had a choppy few years, largely because WSF prices rise and fall on the tide of the much larger bulk fertilizer markets. The rise in container freight during the pandemic also turbo-charged water solubles even further. NAI’s Chief Analyst sat down with Aquifert’s founder and commercial director Phil Sunderland and managing director Matthew O’Leary to discuss.

Plant-based product fixes nitrogen for corn
The rising cost of nitrogen, combined with worries over the environmental impact of the crop nutrient, has companies looking for alternatives. Grace Breeding, an ag tech firm founded in 2015, is working to develop products that address the challenge of nitrogen for crops, including corn, wheat and rice. Read this special report from Farm Progress.

Products and Trends News
Coromandel International develops nanotechnology-based fertilizer


A new tool for optimizing irrigation
Researchers at Stanford University (Calif., U.S.) have developed a new tool for designing and managing irrigation for farms, advancing the implementation of smart agriculture

Sensor-based fertigation management promising
For the past four years, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers have studied the prospects for using sensor-based fertigation management to increase the efficiency and profitability of nitrogen use. The latest results are now in from multiple Nebraska sites, and they show that the technology enables major gains in both regards.

Smart Irrigation Month to focus on the value of efficient irrigation
By Nathan Bowen, IA Advocacy and Public Affairs Vice President

Irrigation News
Machine learning used to predict water quality / Rivulis completes Jain Irrigation acquisition


Greenhouse Cropping News
Dava Agricultural signs new major greenhouse contract with Debets Schalke / EU Interreg project ENERGLIK has begun / Automating the future of Australia’s indoor cropping sector


Colombia – A country with diverse offerings
Agriculture in Colombia plays a very important role in the economic development of the country, since it is the main source of income in rural areas, makes a significant contribution to economic progress, poverty alleviation, food security and sustainable development. Adalberto Rossi reports.


Irrigation water too saline?
Of all the available groundwater on earth, more than half has a salt concentration that impedes crop production. This leaves opportunities for increasing agricultural production with two options: the expensive, often unviable route of treating the water to reduce the salt content, or making the crops salt tolerant. Just how far are researchers adapting our plants? Lindi Botha spoke to the experts to find out.

Recovering degraded soils and optimizing CO2 capture
When it comes to recovering degraded soils, time is one of the biggest obstacles: nature needs approximately 300 years to be able to regenerate a layer of soil just one centimetre thick. With artificial methods, soil chemical attributes can be restored in a matter of years, but biological or physical aspects require decades. Leonardo Gottems reports.

Agronomics and Economics News
Project explores saline irrigation water for CEA / Rooting out how plants control nitrogen use / Lower level of nitrogen ensures better resistance to mildew / New soil sensor may improve efficiency of crop fertilization / Engineers, plant scientists decoding electrochemical signals of soil health / Deep-learning model for accurate prediction of plant growth / Moths more efficient pollinators than bees, research shows

New general manager at Symborg
Nathan Bowen promoted within IA
Taranis appoints Opher Flohr as CEO
New chief technology officer at NewLeaf Symbiotics
ADAMA announces Steve Hawkins as president, CEO

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