New AG International adds the Geopolitics of Agribusiness to its Berlin program

February 29, 2024

In response to the multiple challenges affecting global agribusiness and food security, New AG International has organised a seminar to share with attendees the strategies needed to outsmart uncertainties in the agriculture market.

To be held at New AG International’s Annual event in Berlin, 9-11 April, the seminar is titled ‘The Geopolitics of Agribusiness and Food Security – Strategies for outsmarting uncertainty in agriculture markets‘.

The seminar will be held by Professor Michael Tanchum, CEO of Nexus Foresight Consulting. Tanchum is a connectivity thought leader, with a special emphasis on the new nexus of agri-food production, energy, critical raw materials, and manufacturing value chains that link Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

“This seminar could not come at a more vital moment as armed conflicts, economic shocks, weather extremes, and shipping disruptions are rapidly altering the patterns of global food production and change,” says Tanchum.

“The matter is urgent with over 240 million people facing high levels of acute food insecurity and soaring rates of food inflation in countries around the world are raising levels of political instability. New fertilisers, biostimulants, precision irrigation systems are among the agribusiness products that provide solutions to tackle these problems and robust market opportunities exist for those firms that can read the new geopolitical map. This seminar teaches how to do just that.”

For more detail on what you will learn at the seminar, and to sign up, follow the link here.

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