Investment from HAL Investments to accelerate Koppert growth

February 15, 2024

Netherlands-based investment company HAL Investments is investing in Koppert, providing capital to strengthen Koppert’s position and accelerate its international expansion.

The investment of 140 million euros (at today’s exchange rate approx. USD$150.6 million) in preferred share capital by HAL Investments will primarily serve as funding for the expansion of Koppert’s production facilities and working capital to support growth across the globe.

This capital injection supports Koppert’s immediate growth plans and plays a pivotal role in executing its in-licensing and mergers and acquisition strategy.

According to René Koppert, CEO of Koppert, together, Koppert and HAL share a vision of driving positive change.

“This collaboration will accelerate our research and development initiatives, driving the creation of cutting-edge solutions for biological and sustainable agriculture,” noted René Koppert in a news release. “This creates new opportunities for our customers, giving them better chances for success. HAL shares the same entrepreneurial spirit and long-term commitment that we, as a family company, embody, making them the right partner for us.”

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