Cinis Fertilizer aims to establish operations in Asia

January 17, 2024

Cinis Fertilizer has signed a letter of intent with the Japanese ITOCHU Corporation, a company active in a wide range of fertilizer products, raw materials and other related materials on a global scale, with the goal of establishing operations in Asia.

The companies will cooperate on the sale of Cinis Fertilizer’s products potassium sulphate and sodium chloride, as well as on the purchase of, among other things, potassium chloride and sodium sulphate, inputs used in Cinis Fertilizer’s production.

The letter of intent also includes seeking a location for a production facility in Asia.

“We are still at an early stage in this collaboration; however, we have quickly found that ITOCHU is a committed and reliable partner,” said Jakob Liedberg, founder and CEO of Cinis Fertilizer. “I see great opportunities to jointly achieve good results through our know-how in combination with ITOCHU’s network and financial resources. There is a great potential for our environmentally friendly potassium sulphate, and with a partner like ITOCHU we should be able to quickly establish our circular business model also in Asia.”

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